Hahn Exterminating Services will evaluate current pest problems at your commercial establishment. A customized treatment plan will then be designed to best suit the needs of the establishment and its patrons. However, a treatment plan is only part of successful pest management. The management of the property also plays a vital role in any successful pest management plan.

An integrated pest management (IPM) treatment program can also be designed to help limit the use of pesticides on the interior of the commercial establishment and provide the primary focus around the exterior perimeter of the establishment. The use of baits, monitoring devices and possible mechanical alterations can also be utilized to provide a successful IPM treatment program. This type of program will also help prevent future pest problems.

Commercial Pest Management
Hahn’s offers complete pest elimination and integrated pest management to: offices, businesses, restaurants, grocery stores, hospitals, health care facilities, schools, day cares, and industrial plants. Our experienced staff of licensed commercial pest control operators are experts in these sensitive environments. We use the most up-to-date materials and service techniques to achieve a pest-free environment. All work, products used, and prevention advice are documented. Pest control log books are provided that include insurance information, pest sighting and sanitation reports, product labels, and MSDS. Service contracts are not required.

Commercial Fly Control
Fly control is an ongoing process from April to October. Our service starts with an assessment of the building, inside and out. Proper sanitation an the elimination of antry points are an extremely important component in controlling flies. A combination of light traps, baits, and exterior treatments in fly resting and breeding areas on a regular basis are also necessary to gain adequate control.

Commercial Termite Control & Colony Elimination
We offer 2 options to take care of a termite problem: (1) Control with a liquid soil injection creating a chemical barrier between the structure and froaging termites; and (2) Permanent termite colony elimination with the Sentricon® System by Dow Agrosciences. With the Sentricon® System, we install monitors around the structure’s perimeter and inspect them regularly. When termite activity is found, the wood monitors are replaced with Recruit termite bait that is consumed by worker termites and shared with the rest of the colony. Total colony elimination is usually achieved in 30 to 90 days.

Restroom Air Deodorizers and Anti-Bacterial Hand Soap Service
This service is available to Hahn’s regular commercial service clients. We install air deodorizer equipment and replace the fragrance once per month. Anti-bacterial hand soap is available in a bag-in-a-box or in liquid form. Hahn’s will install new soap dispensers and will replenish them monthly or as-needed when perfoming the regular pest service.

No Service Contract is Required!
We want to earn the right to be your commerical service provider with each service. If we don’t perform up to or beyond your expectations, you are free to cancel service at any time. Our promise to you is, through superior customer service, we’ll take great care of you! We’ll be honest, dependable, and we will do the job right.

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