Residential General Pest Elimination & Prevention
Our residential services are effective, affordable, and environmentally responsible. Service can be done on an as-needed basis or we can build a program of regular service to achieve a complete “pest-free” environment for you. Contact us today for full details.

Residential Flea Control & Elimination
We’ll educate you about fleas and explain how we get rid of them – from preparation to the treatment. There is no odor involved and you will only need to vacate for approximately 3 hours.

Residential Termite Control & Termite Colony Elimination
We offer 2 options to take care of a termite problem: (1) Control with a liquid soil injection creating a chemical barrier between the structure and foraging termites; and (2) Permanent termite colony elimination with the Sentricon® System by Dow Agrosciences. With the Sentricon® System, we install monitors around the structure’s perimeter and inspect them regularly. When termite activity is found, the wood monitors are replaced with Recruit termite bait that is consumed by worker termites and shared with the rest of the colony. Total colony elimination is usually achieved in 30 to 90 days.

Mosquito Control
We’ll come out at no charge to inspect your property. We will locate areas conducive for mosquito infestations such as standing water, damp shady areas, poor draining gutters, etc. Hahn’s will then apply Insect Growth Regulator products to stop larvae from maturing and apply residual products to the exterior of your home. We focus on bushes, beneath decks, trees, overhangs, shaded areas, etc.

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