Termite Control

Hahn Exterminating Service will evaluate your termite problem with a trained and certified inspector. A customized treatment plan will then be designed to meet your individual needs. However a treatment plan is only part of successful termite treatment. The customer’s cooperation and participation will also play a vital role in any successful termite treatment plan.

Termite colonies are typically found in the ground. You rarely hear them or see them however termites account for billions of dollars in treatment and repairs every year – costs that are not covered by most homeowner insurance policies. Termites forage randomly through the ground in search of food (wood) and when they have found it they will begin feeding. Termites enter most structures through openings as small as 1/32 of an inch and any structure with a slab, a basement or a crawl space can be infested by termites.

Hahn Exterminating Service recommends a thorough termite inspection by one of our trained certified inspectors at least one time annually. Our inspectors are trained to look for signs of termite activity as well as areas where termite activity is likely to occur. The optimum time to have your home inspected is in the spring or summer when termites are most active in this area of the country.

Termite Control Tips:

  • Eliminate moisture problems in and around the home
  • Keep proper ventilation in both the attic and the crawl space areas
  • Keep standing water away from the foundation
  • Remove potential food sources from around the house (dead stumps, firewood, wood debris and paper)
  • Eliminate all wood to ground contact around the exterior perimeter of the structure
  • Regularly inspect wood decks and wood fences for activity or damage
  • Keep all mulch and other ground cover below the sideing around the exterior perimeter of the home
  • Look for warning signs (wings discarded from “swarmer” termites, mud tunnels, bubbled or cracked paint)

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